Default retries for external task


Camunda 7.9 - Spring Boot
Using External Task via the rest api the ‘retries’ field is always null, as I read the documentation I understand that this number should be a default 3

I’ve implemented the following without affect - Job Execution : where is retry cycle configuration?
Also tried this without affect -
< process-engine name=“default”>
< properties>
< property name=“failedJobRetryTimeCycle”>R5/PT5M
< /properties>
< /process-engine>

However in all cases when retrieving a task from fetchAndLock, the retries is null.
What should the default case be and how to implement R5/PT5M ?



Looking through the code i see that the above options only applies to Jobs and is correctly applied, however the retries is never propagated to the External Task when created, and so is always null (for external tasks)

Is there no way to set a default retries for External Tasks ? Only from the external task client?