Customize alerts in camunda Tasklist

Hi, all

Look in the forum if someone has already tried to do what I want to do but I did not find anything on the subject.

I am working on a process and the alerts I get when certain rules are not met for example, select a catalog / select, fill a required field, fill all fields, etc.

The alerts that are displayed are very difficult for the user or end users to understand.

For example these alerts:

A little personalized would be something like this:

Where do I find the alerts, so that I can customize them or change the text that is displayed on the screen, because really this type of alert is a bit uncomfortable for the end user because it is difficult to understand if an HR person wanted to use the process.

I hope that soon someone can help me. I am awaiting comments or any opinion.

Hi @hassang,
You will know how to solve or configure what I express in the previous text.

Hi @MarioH ,

One way to override error message returned on form submission failures could be as follow.
Where you can construct the errMsg based on the returned error res[0] (In below snip the same returned error is displayed)

camForm.on('submit-failed', function (evt, res) {
	var errMsg;
	errMsg = res[0];
	$timeout(function() {
		  status: 'Error',
		  message: errMsg,
		  scope: $scope

Hi, @hassang

The alerts if I want them because I consider that it is necessary for them to appear when something is wrong or missing.

I just want to change the default text for my texts or something more understandable.