Comparision in decision table in dmn

Hello all,
beginner here.
I have a need to compare an input string that would have some concatenated data with slash like input=“TLO/LN/ISS/CBC”(it can have 1,2,3,4 values) that is being used in decision table which should check different values like below:
how should i make the comparison happen, what should go in expression language?

It’s a little hard to know exactly what you’re looking for.
Can you give a few examples of exactly the kind of input and exactly how you’d like to resolve it?

Hello Niall,
Thanks for the prompt response.
let me try :
If we have a list{TLO,LN,CBC,SCC}(it will be dynamic) in input of the decision table and we want to check if that list has each value configured in the rows(column 1 of the table) then only it should pass that condition.

for example row one should be a no match, row 5/6 should be a match as input list contains all the configured items.
I want the expression(of first column)to be something like : input list(externalsourceList) contains all of configured values(in rows) but not sure how to code it as i dont know the tool well and the languages it support.

You can ignore the “/” in the table given, It was initial draft.