Cockpit Plugins won't load in Docker

Hello to all!
I’m having trouble with plugin deployment on the camunda Docker image. I’m trying to build a docker image starting the Camunda one, in which I just add the nightmode plugin in the cockpit web app. I’ve done everything the README file instructed me to, but when i look at the source file for the cockpit web app, the config.js file for the plugins is back to its original, without the information required to load the plugin.

At this point I don’t have any clue on how this happens, if anyone can help me i would be very grateful as a plugin development is part of a course exam.


Cockpit webapp underwent some changes in 7.14 that will require updates to the nightmode plugin. I verified that the nightmode plugin will work up through 7.13 or alternatively, you can take a look at some plugins that are working with 7.14