Check sth. without a gateway?


In the following screenshot I try to check sth. but the next task is the same. The result of my check doesn’t depend on the following task. Do I still need the gateway then? Or is there a better way for modelling. (I need that check-task).



Hey @Christin

you can drop the merging XOr gateway before the check task. BPMN allows you to modell implicit.

Implicit rules are the following: more than one incoming sequence flows in a task will always implement the XOR semantik. More than one outgoing sequence flow from a task will always implement the AND semantik.

Therefore implicit modells are harder to read and often missunderstood. Normally I would recomment you to modell with gateways then without. But of course there might be use cases where it can make sence to leave them out.

I hope that helps you