Candidate starter configuration

Hi everyone

I have created a group named testgroup in camunda admin panel. two users user1,user2 are the members of this group.

I granted testgroup to start a sample process instance(for example testProcess) in the tasklist via camunda admin panel (process definition and process instance authorization).

After that in the camunda modeler → candidate starter user, I entered just user1.
but still both user1 and user2 can still start the testProcess instance.

So how we can use candidate starter configuration in camunda modeler?

Hi @mrdavoodi64,

camunda:candidateStarterUsers can serve in filtering returned process definitions by API so if Get REST API endpoint /process-definition?startableBy=user1 is called then only process definitions with user1 set as a value of camunda:candidateStarterUsers are returned.

But I don’t think there is a real value of using it as authorizations can be utilized to grant various types of permissions to process definitions including CREATE_INSTANCE permission.

Thanks @hassang

But I thinks there should be another usage of this config other than using it in REST API.

Hi @mrdavoodi64,

Not only REST API. It can be used by Java API.


But it has nothing to do with authorization.