Camunda Webapp embedd Thymeleaf as external form


Hi Experts,

I am looking for a sample or tutorial where Camunda webapp embedd external form built with Thymeleaf template engine (i am working with Spring Boot project).

So far, i have seen tutorial for JSF

However, if it has to be JSF, is it possible to leverage JSF framework like PrimeFaces?

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Figured out the way to embed Thymeleaf htmls as external forms through Camunda Modeller.

  1. Thymeleaf views as usual (/resource/templates/new-form.html )
  2. Spring controller to render thymeleaf view
    public String index(Model model) {
		model.addAttribute("variable", "this is value");
        return "new-form";
  1. Set formkey in Camunda Modeler with route name (e.g. /newform )
  2. Click deploy on Camunda Modeler toolbar when Springboot with Camunda webapp running. (Config URL to http://localhost:8080/rest , Auth to None )