Camunda Web App Auto logoff abruptly


I am using Camunda Webap (Tasklist, Cockpit and Admin). We have customized the webapp with some branding.

We have used LDAP Authentication to authenticate the user. The issue we are facing is that the camunda UI gets auto log off abruptly when we are in the middle of the usage in Chrome browser.

Can someone help me on this please?

Hi @ChandruM,

Can you provide some more information of the issue?

Maybe how the problem can be reproduced and some logs/stacktraces from when the issue occurs?


@nikola.koevski This is the error that i can see on the browser console.

Hi @ChandruM,

I don’t think this error correlates to the problem described. While we it does fail gracefully, it should only appear when changing a password (Catch block missing here).

When you get logged out, are there any 401s from the server? What version of the Engine & Webapps are you using?


There is no 401’s though. At the middle of the application use, the application gets logged off abruptly.


To authenticate the user, we are using the below mechanism.

public class CustomIdentityProvider extends DbIdentityServiceProvider {
        public boolean checkPassword(String userId, String password) {
            //Authenticating the user with LDAP here

@martin.stamm @nikola.koevski Could you please help me on the above?


I can see that you have defined an enterprise version of the platform. If you’re an Enterprise customer, please use our issue tracker to open a Help Request support case.

If you’re a community user, have you tried the community version to see if the problem persists?