Camunda Trainings For Java Devs



Regarding “Process Engine -> Camunda Architecture” part of this training

How detailed is it?

Does it give in-depth sight on internal camunda-bpm-platform architecture?

Will it be enough for developer to start to contribute or make hotfixes on core part in case of emergency?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @JustMormegil,

the focus of this training is to enable a Java developer to build process applications and automate workflows. The architecture part gives an overview of the options how to run the Camunda engine in your environment. The training touches some internal behaviors of the engine, but only to the point that it helps to understand how to run automated processes.

The training didn’t focus on contribution or how to make hotfixes. But it can be a starting point and you gain better understanding by reading the open source code afterwards.

Cheers, Ingo


Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier, thank you for reply.

Is there an option to get deep dive trainings for the process engine core part?
Reading source code is ok in general, but there is always chance to miss something important.


Hi @JustMormegil,

we at Camunda offer individual workshops as well. Please get in touch with the sales team via this form:

Cheers, Ingo