Camunda Modeler for Docker


Hi Team,

I have installed Camunda work bench as below.

docker run --name workbench -p 8070:8070 -p 8090:8090 -p 9090:9090

But i unable to connect with the Camunda engine. Connect link is not working in this.

Can i get any assistance please.


Where did you come across the workbench?


I am just running the docker image to get the workbench.

docker run --name workbench -p 8090:8090


I am trying to set up the work bench and engine with camunda.

Currently i am evaluating the camunda for our business requirement.

We are planing to introduce this tool in out company. for that i am just installing this tool in docker and evaluating.

Can you help me with installing the camunda in docker ?


So the camunda workbench is not a product we maintain, it hasn’t been updated in about 4 years, it’s just a little project that was made as a prototype and is not intended to be used as a product.

What are your requirements and maybe i can point you in the direction of some supported parts of the product.


i am searching Open source tool. For that i am working on camunda to get the details. For that i want to install the camunda in docker with camunda modeler and camunda engine.

Can u please help me to install it in docker ?


Sure - you can just follow the instructions here: in order to get the platform running
and you can download the desktop modeler here:


Thanks Niall,

I have done the steps as above.

But i my requirement is modeler should be as webapp. Is there any choice for it?


We do have a web-based modeler called Cawemo - this is the SaaS version but there is also a version that can be hosted on site. It should be noted that at the moment Cawemo is only used for create BPMN models and not for adding the execution semantics - this must still be done using the desktop modeler.


You can roll your own web-based modeler using the underlying libraries, too:


Thank you so much for your reply.

It’s great to work in camunda engine. It’s meets my requirements.

But the modeler should be the web based UI. Cawemo is good. But we need our own UI to as the camunda engine.

Is there any option for that.

@nikku I am trying to build with the libraries.


Use the link I provided as a base line. Good luck rolling your own web-based modeling tool.