Camunda.bpm.application.scan-for-process-definitions property

Hi all,

I’m in the process of upgrading a process application build using spring-boot from Camunda 7.11 spring-boot starter 3.3.4 to 7.12 / spring-boot starter 3.4.0. The ConfigurationProperty class has been removed in 3.4.0. The values of the class where mapped to the Prefix camunda.bpm.application.* for example camunda.bpm.application.scan-for-process-definitions=true. Ist there any documentation on how to replace this property? I already checked the release notes / documentation but could not find anything related. Sorry If I missed it somehow.

thanks, Lars

Hi Lars, was essentially dead code so we removed it. If you use @EnableProcessApplication, processes.xml is the way to configure resource scanning. See for details.


Hi Thorben,

thanks for the explanation. I removed the property from my application-*.properties. I stumbled upon the issue because Idea highlighted the unknown configfuration property after the upgrade - quite a useful feature of the spring-boot property system!


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