Camunda advantages

Hi Team,

Can someone help me to understand the difference between the CAMUNDA vs IBM ODM and Activiti …Can some one help me to understand the advantages of having CAMUNDA over IBM ODM rules . Any documentation or any links please share …

Also I would like to show some test project to my management how CAMUNDA is helpful over the IBM ODM rules .Can someone suggest how to explain them and any git hub link for the sample code where I can run in spring boot and invoke REST API calls to CAMUNDA engine and process the business logic .

I’m not sure it’s this is the right place to get any specific information on IBM ODM (I’ve never used it myself) but luckily if you have specific Camunda questions it’s a good place to start.

There are lots and lots of examples with Camunda doing a variety of things, i’d suggest you take a look at this video to show you can easily combine spring boot with Camunda and if you want to use business rules you can check out this tutorial on DMN.

Thanks for the swift response. Actually I want to implement the Camunda in our Environment and we are ready to buy the Enterprise version if it’s fit in our organization. However I would like to know before convince my Mgmt to use the Camunda I need to give justification or results to show that Camunda works better than IBM ODM or Activiti for the BPM or Process .
I hope some of our friends in this forum might have compared the other rule engines VS Camunda and start migrating to from their legacy Rule engines to Camunda .

If want to showcase Camunda doing better than other rule engines then definitely there would be a comparison with other Rule Engines currently in the market and how efficiently Camunda can give better results and save cost .