Camunda 7.9 uses old dependencies


We are planning to use the Camunda 7.9 Community version. We figure that the below dependencies are old and they have newer releases. Can we replace these dependencies with newer releases in Camunda 7.9 ? Would like to know if this would pose any risk ?

Mybatis 3.4.4 - can we replace this with 3.4.6
Joda time: 2.1 - can we replace this with 2.2
SLF4J API Module: 1.7.7 - can we replace this with 1.7.25
Java UUID Generator: 3.1.2 - can we replace this with Java UUID Generator: 3.1.5



Hi @Srikanth_D,

it should be ok to update the versions. I don’t expect breaking changes in bug fix versions.

Best regards,


Thanks Philipp.