Block form submit after XMLHttpRequest


Hi all,

I’m having this issue where I have to call a validation REST-service when submitting a custom form.
If the response is true, I can go ahead with the submit of the form. If the result of the call is false, I have to call evt.submitPrevented = true; and stop the form submit.

It’s basically not working because it’s impossible to call the service in a blocking/synchronous fashion.
The thing is, I cannot do the validation in a service-task as the user should be informed immediately.

So I’m having this now;

camForm.on('submit', function(evt) {
	var payload = {
	    'popId': $scope.popId,
	    'popWoId': $scope.popWoId,
	    'context': {
	        'companyId': $,
	        'buildingId': $,
	        'userId': $,
	        'contractType': $scope.contractType

	$'/process-rest/validate-workorder', JSON.stringify(payload), {'responseType':'application/json'})
        .then(function (resp) {
            var success = resp.status === 200;
            if (!success) {
                // Obviously, too late and form will have been submitted
				evt.submitPrevented = true;

        .catch(function(err) {
         	evt.submitPrevented = true;

            if(window.console && err) {
                console.error('err: ' + err.message);

Another thing I thought of doing was first calling evt.submitPrevented = true; and later, when I get my success response, submit the form programatically. But I have basically no idea how to do it in a proper way :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help is welcome.


Anyone from the Camunda team perhaps? Anyone? No one? :sweat:


found a workaround, can be close.