Best option running camunda on production environment

Hi All,

I want to ask what is best option to running camunda on production environment based on your prior experience? right now for developing, I’m run camunda on Tomcat servlet that’s running through windows service and I will not using container(e.g docker) for running camunda even in production.
for information I use this stack for develop camunda

  1. Java with JDK 8
  2. Oracle 19c as RDBMS
  3. Spring Framework with java delegate
  4. Publish source as a WAR file
  5. Use camunda version 7.15
  6. Process engine mode I choose container managed engine running on tomcat as a windows service
    I’m worried is it reliable for production environment if i’m running it on tomcat? any advise based on your prior experience will be help me


There’s no reason i can think of why tomcat would be any less reliable than another distro.
In most cases picking how to run camunda depends on your preferences.
This best practice article will help understand some aspects better: