Avoid duplicate action when querying due tasks

I want to notify the assignee and supervisor if the due date of a user task passes. based on recommended best practices
I only could use querying the due tasks and take action. I implemented a scheduler that gets tasks with a due date before NOW() and takes action on those tasks. But I have a problem.
Assume I get due tasks the first time and take action on them. after a while, I get them again. I took action on some of them before, and I don’t want to do it again for them. I want to do it for new ones.
I could set some variables on the task, but this variable is not related to processing so conceptually it is not a good solution.
Or store the tasks that action had done on them. But we just use the Camunda and don’t want to struggle with these types of logics.

I want to see there is any better solution for this problem?

Hi @dooghi,

I don’t see an issue with using a flag task variable to distinguish processed tasks from non-processed ones.

@hassang Thanks for your response.
It doesn’t have an issue. I just want to avoid it because of

So you think this is the best available solution?