Authorization: Possibility to show "Diagram", but deny access to create a new process?


Hey there,
I’ve got a question about the Authorization. Is there any possibility to let a user see the diagram in a working task, but not allow the user to start/create this specific process?

I tried a bit with some autorizations (see here:

, but it doesn’t work as I wish…

In my usecase. User A should only see their tasks and also the diagram of the task, so they can see where the task is in the workflow, but should not create one.

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Hi Lukas,

Which authorizations did you try to setup?
If I understand you correctly, you want give “READ” only permissions to those who are not allowed to create new process. Here is an example:

the user “wert” is allowed to read the process but he is not allowed to create a process.

Does this help you?

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Hi yana.vasileva,

the “READ” permission allows the user to see the process diagram, this works.
But now the user can see the processes (Start Process), but can’t start them.

I want, that the user doesn’t see the processes at all (under “Start process”). So they are completely invisible for the user, but the user should see the diagram for this task.

I hope you understand.

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Hi Lukas,

Unfortunately I think that is not possible.
If you allow the user to READ the processes, they are able to see them under Start process but they are not able to start them.

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