All Camunda sample projects using /rest/rest/ API don't work, 404 errors


It seems that all the sample projects that are using a RestApplication in it don’t work on the current Camunda 7.8.0 CE on Tomcat.

I tried, without any modifications:

I have Apache Chemistry running and can connect via CMIS workbench.

But when in the Camunda worklist and trying to upload a document, the rest API endpoint is not found, getting a 404 on:

The same with with the Invoice Box sample project:

There also the /rest/rest/ endpoints all get a 404.

It seems that the @ApplicationPath("/rest"), @Path("/rest") etc. aren’t getting registered properly.


Hey @mathiasconradt
please try to use Wildfly for the two examples.
I will create a ticket in our backlog to make this also work on Tomcat.



@felix-mueller I had also tested it with the wildfly-distribution with similar results as far as I remember. I will give it another try though.


In the ticket
you mention

Update 2:
I just tried with Camunda EE 7.8.0 with WildFly 10. On there, I don’t get a 404 when calling POST /rest/upload but a 505 instead:
org.jboss.resteasy.spi.UnhandledException: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bouncycastle.pkcs.PKCS8EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo cannot be cast to org.bouncycastle.openssl.PEMKeyPair

This error is most probably related to the java api, so you don’t get a 404 anymore with wildfly.



Ok. I will try the CMIS example then instead. This way does not get in the way.


Sounds good. Let us know if you face any other issues.