Add external javascript in Embedded form


Hi, everyone.
I have add external javascript in Embedded form already,
I add <script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:8080/xxx/fileinput/js/fileinput.min.js"></script>
It’s working well in windows.
But when I use Ubuntu, try to click this Embedded form to start the process, it always said xxx is not a function after I refresh the page, I need close the modal window and open again then working.
I want to do use like bootstrap-fileinput to make upload file function more powerful.


Which modal window do you have to close? Did you implement a modal window? Where do you see the error message, in the Browser console?

If you debug your script, what element is not a function - does the message really say xxx is not a function?

Do you get other errors in the Browser console before xxx is not a function?


Sorry for reply late, I think I made the mistake in the src attribute, there have some cache in my browser,
Now it’s working well.
And I have other question: is it possible to disable or hide the “Keyboard Shortcuts” and “Create task” button on top of tasklist page?
Thank you.


The easiest would be probably to just hide them using custom CSS:

You could also customize the tasklist completely, but this would require additional effort.


Thanks felix, it works for using customize CSS.