Is there a Java client for the REST API?


I was wondering if there is a Java client for the REST API?
I am trying to make type safe calls.

From my knowledge it should be possible to have a JAX-RS client. If there isn’t one yet, do you know if it is possible to reuse the annotations used on the server side?


Hi @ieugen,

apart from the external task client (which is a REST client for parts of the API), there is no official Java client. There is a project aiming to integrate swagger with the REST API, however, I think this is not up-to-date. You can find it on GitHub:

Also, have a look into this topic.


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Please have a look on a new project, just started:


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The following example shows how to run Java Delegates as External Task implementations:
Java Process Application for a Remote Camunda BPM Engine

@zambrovski The following classes might be helpful for your project as well:

Feel free to contribute / start a discussion via issue…

OpenAPI support is available since Camunda 7.13:

It covers the following features:

Here is an example Java client for OpenAPI:

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The advantage of the Camunda REST client Spring-Boot over the generated API is that it is an implementation of the Camunda Java API (and not a generated client from the REST API). So in using the extension you don’t have to distinguish between local API call and remote API call.

The disadvantage is currently the poor coverage - only a small part is implemented yet, and we are looking for you as contributors or/and for feature request / priorisation.