External task


You could implement a Cockpit plugin to display worker state.


ohh ok… Is it possible to get the list of completed external tasks with rest api?I was not able to find any reference for external tasks


See https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.7/reference/rest/history/external-task-log/get-external-task-log-query/


yes tried it out…Worked… !! But I have a question,Can I get the completed task depending on the worker status for example My worker has approved and rejected 2 states.Can I get the completed tasks which are approved only??Is there any way?


Hi Yacky/thorben, Can you please share any working example of external task client for long running jobs.


I am taking reference from below example :https://github.com/camunda/camunda-external-task-client-java/tree/master/examples/loan-granting
I created jar file of this project and copied it inside tomcat engine-rest>webinf>classes>org>camunda>bpm

Then i deployed the workflow.bpmn as well and started a process instance, it created a external task insatnce but now how will it call the external task client>?


Hi @neelusharma05,

the class App.java contains a main() method which has to be started, e.g. from the command line.

Hope this helps, Ingo


yes thanks- i try to run jar file main class getting below exception:Any suugestions?
415 Unsupported Media Type exception when i try to run my POST request in postmanhttp://localhost:8080/engine-rest/external-task/fetchAndLock