BPMN <bpmndi> generator utility

In attempting to import BPMN from other vendors to Camunda, it has been noted that some do not include items such as diagram information. While the node and sequence xml are available, since there is no diagram information, no diagram can be shown. This utility will generate the needed xml stanza based on the available information. This utility used IBM BPM exports as a template for input bpmn though it should work with other vendors. Please note, you’ll still need to add properties and attributes to make a process executable and is not a magic bullet to convert from one vendor to another. Have a look and provide feedback!


BPMNDI Generator


Thank you! It works for me.
We have been looking this generator quite long time (Automatic BPMN diagram drawer) but we did’t have time to develop it by self.

Perhaps instead of using StringBuilder (like sb.append("\t\t\t</bpmndi:BPMNEdge>\n");),
why not to use some xml node builder to build xml?

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I’ll definitely look into that. I was more comfortable generating xml from scratch given my past experience but I think an xml node builder would be a more elegant solution. Now that the basic logic has been figured out the StringBuffer code could be replaced with an xml node builder.


Hi Erki, if you have a look at the latest version of the utility you’ll see that it was updated to use Camunda’s Model APIs so no more raw XML! Have a good weekend.


Wow thanks! I will try it tomorrow.