Zeebe vs TNGP vs Camunda Engine



I’ve seen recent news about Zeebe and noticed that the timing is compatible with the TNGP (next Camunda’s generation) availability mentioned during latest bpmNEXT event.

I was wondering whether Zeebe is related to the TNGP project. I mean, can we consider Zeebe as the evolution of existing Camunda Engine or should we expect a new version 7.8/8.0 soon?

How does they correlate?


Hi Don,

TNGP has become Zeebe, i.e. TNGP was the working title. Comparing Zeebe to Camunda BPM: Both do BPMN automation, but at the current point in time they are complementary. Zeebe provides scalability and fault tolerance to an extent that Camunda BPM cannot offer while Camunda BPM offers a large BPM feature set that Zeebe does not have (see also https://docs.zeebe.io/introduction/why-zeebe.html#zeebe-may-not-be-right-for-you).

Camunda continues to develop both Camunda BPM and Zeebe (e.g. have a look at github activity: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-platform/commits/master). The publication of Zeebe does not have an impact on Camunda BPM’s 6-month release cycle. There are currently no plans for a Camunda 8.0 release.