XLSConverter: Problem converting number ranges


I’ve converted a Excel file into a DMN file using the XLSXConverter (camunda-dmn-xlsx)

I got following problem: One of the column contains Numbers

  • if I use digits and expression like <,> >= and so on, the Converter converts correctly into numeric values/expressions
  • but if I define a range of digits (e.g. [8000…1000]) the converter converts into a String using quotes e.g. “[8000…10000]”

and this leads to a runtime exception (see https://forum.bpmn.io/t/feelconvertexception-feel-01015/1708). So I have to remove the quotes “” after conversion

Can I somehow specifiy how to handle the column values? I tried it using attribute typeRef=“integer” but this doesn’t work.

Thanks and best regards


Hi Roland,

This is a missing feature in the converter. It isn’t able to detect number ranges and treat them accordingly. Feel free to raise an issue here: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-dmn-xlsx/issues

If you like, you can also implement this and submit a pull request. Shouldn’t be too hard and I can give you some pointers where to start.



Thanks for your reply Thorben. I’ve created an issue…