Wrong tokens on multi-instance call activity?



I have a process where I call a parallel multi-instance Call Activity.
After I finish one instance, the cockpit still shows me the tokens of the initial instances.

Does this work like this by default, I mean the tokens showing the “nrOfInstances” and not the “nrOfActiveInstances”? Or is it a bug?

Also in this level, it shows me 8 active but 9 tokens.


when you check the history inside the call activity does it show any active tasks as pending ?


I don’t see a history.
But in any case I don’t think there are pending tasks, in the 2nd screenshot you see that there are only 8 active instances.


Which Camunda version do you use?
Have you performed some modifications?


I’ve modified the cockipt webapp but i didn’t touch anything on the tokens.
Also, with the default webapp.war it does the same.


Could you share an example of your processes so we can try to reproduce the issue.