Would anyone like a Camunda Java REST client library?


A while back we started using Camunda and I noticed there is no REST library for Java.

Would people be interested if I open sourced it? The API covers the core features for Process Engine at the moment.

It uses OkHttp3 for making the calls, I had considered using RestEasy as well.

Is there a Java client for the REST API?

We’ve been working on camunda swagger (https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-swagger) a while ago. It had some issues with historic data and should be updated to support latest service API, but in general this can be a nice approach to generate clients for any language supported by swagger/OpenAPI. If you are intersted, maybe we can revive this project instead of building something specialized for java?


@CamundaCommando @jangalinski camunda-rest-client library development was completed? If not I would like to write this library.

I would like to build camunda-rest-client library with below features.

  • Supports camunda java rest api version >=7.11
  • Uses Okhttp library to make rest api call to camunda server
  • Swagger support will be provided for all camunda rest api’s
  • Users can add this dependency to springboot applications
  • Basic Authentication/JWT Authorization will be added as optional
  • Retry functionality will be added for all the GET requests to camunda server
  • Spring AOP will be added to provide cross cutting concerns to all rest api for finding time taken by the each rest api
  • Multi-tenancy will be supported
  • Client-side load balancing feature will be added(microservice architecture)
  • Exception handling(@RestControllerAdvice)/Logging(Lombok) features will be added

@jangalinski if you would like to correct or add any additional features let me know. Also let me know if you think this library would be useful for others, i will take this responsibility and deliver it.



Any progress on this? Any code that we can test / use / contribute?

I’ve hit this issue as well: https://forum.camunda.org/t/is-there-a-java-client-for-the-rest-api/15049