Why my process application is deployed twice in the server?


Hi to all.

I would like to ask something.
I decided to delete my process definition via a REST API call.
After, I cleaned, installed and deployed again my Maven project in order to start again a new process instance in Tasklist.
After the new deployment of my process, I checked the log file of the server (Apache Tomcat) and I saw twice the message for the successful deployment of the same process application. After, I logged in the Cockpit and I saw also 2 versions of my process definition.

Does anyone know if there is something wrong for this?



Hi Steve,

I guess if you want to delete the deployment too, you need to use this endpoint with cascade=true.
Did you do that?

Best regards,


Hi @yana.vasileva.

Thanks for your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I had only deleted process definition via REST API call. But after that, I decided to delete process deployment via Cockpit and deploy again a new one to the server.
At the moment, I don’t face any problem on that.



Hi Steve,

I am glad that you figured that out.

Best regards,