Why is there no documentation for Spring Boot and Camunda side by side execution


I am using Spring Boot as my backend for my application. The Spring Boot need to have a REST API.

Also I want to have Camunda with it for BPM.

On the whole internet I cannot find even one tutorial, that shows, how I can have the following:

localhost:8081 --> REST API calls (that in turn uses runtimeService to do actions on camunda processes, e.g. start new process instance)
localhost:8080 --> Camunda web app/dashboard

All the tutorials explain only (for Spring Boot + Camunda) how to get to the dashboard. Thats all. Noone explains how I can have a REST API alongside the Camunda.

There’s nothing to special about having the REST API and spring boot integrated.
Just add the spring boot starter to your pom file.


the default end point is http://localhost:8080/rest/
Then you can take a look at the detailed docs on the REST API or you can follow this video.

No, thats not what I mean! I dont mean the REST API offered by Camunda. I mean my own REST API, that I created myself. But never mind, I figured out, how to do it:

So in the same Spring project, I have my own controller:

public class OrderController {

    private RuntimeService runtimeService;

    @GetMapping(value = "/company")
    public String index() {
        return "index";


So now I can call the camunda dashboard on localhost:8080/app/cockpit...

and I can make rest call: http://localhost:8080/v1/user/company which in turn does something on the process.


@derweise you need to register your custom rest controller classes to access via engine services.

  protected void registerAdditionalResources() {