Why does Message Intermediate Throwing Event have globalMessageName property?

I understand that there are Throw and Catch Message Events. Catch waits for the message to be received; Throw sends a message. And that’s it in simple words.

But then I came across this section.
It says that it acts as if it were Service Task. So I went to Modeler and yes, there is an option for implementation (like any Service has). But under it, there is also Global Message Name (which I saw just in Catch Messages). So, I am confused now. Why does it have that property when we are in Message Intermediate Throwing Event - meaning we want to THROW a message?

Should I just ignore it, or it has some purpose? I mean in your GUI it looks like it can both send and receive messages looking on these properties, so can you clear that please? :slight_smile:

IMO it’s there mostly for documentation purpose. See the discussion here: Message Intermediate Throw Event design

Thanks! Sorry for asking duplicate question, didn’t notice it.