What is the use of Priority in user task

what is the use of Priority in user task.
I have read about it here: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/reference/bpmn20/custom-extensions/extension-attributes/#priority
But not sure what it is doing,

I created 3 user tasks which are shown/executed after passing though parallel gateway,
And i gave different priority number to each user task.

but as expected all are coming in tasklist at same time due to parallel gateway, but what functionality is affected due to priority here.

Hi @teja_polisetty,

It is just a field to identify the priority of a task as a numeric value which could be helpful in so many ways.

For example:

You can create a tasklist filter named as “High Priority Tasks” and set the criteria to something as Priority equals to 100.

Or to generate a report for tasks considered of low priority (maxPriority = 30) using REST API query for tasks request.