What is the Relations between the tables where we are storing camunda meta data


I am trying to move all the completed/cancelled Records of camunda meta data into archiving tables including the child records and later when the data ages out, thinking to drop the old data after getting confirmation from business. Is there any other way to reduce the DB space without drooping the data

Also Can you someone help me in understanding the Relations ship between the tables where we are storing the camunda metadata.

Some of the tables:

There is nice documentation with pictures

Hello @Thanuja_Vadlamudi!

Manually deleting records is quite dangerous if you don’t know the schema structure.
I recommend to read our docs regarding history cleanup.

Best, McAlm

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Thanks @McAlm for the sharing the above info.

I don’t see the rest call in the version which we are using(Camunda BPM V7.11.0 - Community Version).


Could you please let me know what is method It is internally calling and Is it available in V7.11.0?

HELLO @Thanuja_Vadlamudi: What you’re looking for is this here:

To see what’s behind this service you can have a look into the sources yourself. (That’s the beauty of OpenSource :wink: )

Best, McAlm

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