Web Service Invocation from Camunda with SOAP


I have a human workflow build with Camunda and I need to communicate with an external Web Service that is written in Jolie. The communication between Jolie and Camunda have to be in SOAP.

Usually, every type of Web Services produces its WSDL and this allow a Java class that implements JavaDelegate to invoke the WS and use its methods.

This is a simple example:

  public class SendOfferDepositPayment implements JavaDelegate {	
    	public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {

    		VenditoreWSService wsService = new VenditoreWSService(); 
    		VenditoreWS ws = wsService.getVenditoreWSPort();

Is this the correct method to invoke an external Web Service through a WSDL file?
I’d like to have a simple example if there is another way, only with SOAP please.

Everything is deployed locally, could be that the server has to be deployed locally too? Or it could be simply listening on a port?