Vulnerability Scan Report / Open Vulnerabilities


I was trying to search for Vulnerability scan report for Camunda BPMN Engine / Application. I am unable to find any information.

Anyone knows if there is report / open vulnerabilities for Camunda BPMN engine.



Currently there’s no scan report available. Security implementations is given to users, so the users can implement SSO, BasicAuth and JWT Auth, etc… of their choices.

If you want to generate vulnerability scan report, then refer any of these tools to generate report.

Web application security scanner (e.g. Detectify, METASCAN, Acunetix,, Nikto, Qualys, Sucuri, High-Tech Bridge, Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, w3af, edgescan, TIDoS Framework)

For more tools refer this page:

Free vulnerability test:


Thanks Yana for your response, are you aware of any list of open list & fixed vulnerabilities available.