Visualize that every task error leads to the same Error Handler

I have a diagram where any task that throws an error will be directed to the same error handling task. I find this diagram to be cluttered and was wondering if there’s another notation to make this clear.

I am aware of sub-processes like the one in the picture. There, it doesn’t matter if there’s an error in task “Run script” or “Analyze”, either of them will follow the Error Boundary Event’s path.

However neither of the remaining tasks can really be split into sub-processes… Also it feels like a hacky way to just put everything into subprocesses just so I can use the Error Boundary Event to catch all the errors. I wish it was possible to put an Error Boundary Event on a Pool, to show that whenever the slightest thing goes wrong, terminate the entire process.

Only things I can think of myself:

  1. Put the entire thing into a giant subprocess as the only subprocess in the pool
  2. Organize my lines better so it’s somewhat prettier, but I would still have a lot of Error Boundary Event symbols and lines.

Anyone has an elegant idea on how to solve this issue? Or is this like a non-issue, and normally you do have to put Error Boundary Events everywhere?

HI @Saren_Areth

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You’re model is indeed a bit too complex. It can be simplified by using an event sub process.
Here’s an example that shows how it works:

If you can upload your model i can try to see if it makes sense to add it for you.

Hello @Niall

I like this answer and yes I can tell that it makes sense for me to add an event sub-process. This is because when an error occurs, no matter at which stage and no matter the error type, the entire process must be terminated. I was aware of sub-processes, but didn’t know you could turn those into other types of sub-processes with the wrench symbol, so thank you for this insight :slight_smile:

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