View of status for individual activities of a Process Instance


Please let me know

  1. How can I show error logs of my service task in Cockpit against that activity for a process instance ?

  2. Is it possible to see status of all activities for a process instance in Cockpit



If you click on the Process Instance ID link, it will take you to the process. If there are errors that caused an incident, then the “Incidents” tab of the display will show them to you.

If you are running this in a particular Java container (e.g. WildFly), that container’s log may also contain error messages, but they will not be visible from the Cockpit.

By “see status”, do you mean something like a table where the “state” of each activity is displayed?

If you click on the Process Instance ID of the process while it is running, the diagram will show you where it is at if it still running. If the process has completed, then the “History” section will show you a diagram where every activity is tagged with the number of times it was executed. This is also true for the “Runtime” diagram.


Hi Manu,
Thanks for response. I am working with community edition. As per my understanding history is not available in cockpit for community edition.
When I create a incident , I am able to see activity and error message . But I want to see all tasks/activities within a process instance with success/failure .



One alternative would be to use an SQL query on the database. I don’t have a specific query for you, but this is something you can probably figure out by examining the structure of the database itself. The schema Camunda have in place is not too hard to understand.

Another alternative is to print the status of processes to an external log file. This URL will show you the Java Doc section related to Delegate Execution methods. Review the list and you may find what you are looking for in there.