Version Compatiablity of CamundaV7.11


Could you please help us the below Queries.So that i can proceed for Impact Analysis.

Camunda Team Upgrading from Camunda V7.8 to V7.11,So we need to identify impact of our application while Upgrading from CamundaV7.8 to V7.11.

i did some R & D for finding the version compatablity using this url,But still some of the versions not able to find.

For that we are checking the Version Compatability with Camundav7.11.

1)what are the corresponding versions supported for Camundav7.8

2)what are the changes required at application level.

3)what are the dependcies need to update in pom.xml.

Below are the version we are using currently.
Spring 4.3.18.RELEASE
Spring Boot 1.4.0.RELEASE
ReactJS 16.2.0
Database version(Oracle) 12.1
Zambezi f/w version 5.16.2
Camunda SpringBoot Starter
Front End Libraries


I believe you can start from here:

It’s import to prepare and execute the upgrade sql scripts in the right order for migration of existing camunda data (RBAC, system and processes).

Thanks for giving response.

Already I have gone through the your suggested UK, I found the checklist.But I couldn’t find the REACTJS, Zambezi framework versions supported for camunda 7.11.

Can you please help me how Zambezi above mentioned version supported for camuda 7.11?

I have no experience with Zambezi but I would not expect that React JS creates any compatibility issue. If there is no indication of compatibility problem in the release notes concerning underlying libraries, I would simply upgrade and test. I hope that helps.

This makes sense to me. Considering a front-end application will be using the REST API there isn’t a lot you would need to consider when upgrading.