Variables, local and noneLocal


Hi as you can see from the picture a process lets say it is made out of user tasks. i need to make sure that after i complete tasks1 and 2 i complete task 3 and after that complete task 4. I am using Springboot for this. Is there a posability to create a variable that would check if the task 3 was executed already? like have a Localvariable for task 2 that would say count = 1. What i want to accomplish is to say:

if(count == 0){
2ndtask.setVariable(“var”, goto3)
2ndtask.setVariable(“var”, goto4)
but is there a possability to implement it using bpmn or should i just add count variable in java? If it is could u tell me how?


By your description I see no reason for the gateway. Just run the tasks after each other 1->2->3->4.


its just a mock bpmn. The 2nd task has one button on first click it executes 3rd task on second click it executes the 4th task.