Validating task data on task completion


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to validate the data that is being submitted to complete a user task. I found some documentation about the form data validation feature, but I’m not able to use it properly.

I use the REST API to submit task data to Camunda. When a task is being completed, I would like the data to be validated and only if everything is Ok, continue the process. If the data is invalid, the task should remain active and the call to complete the task should fail. Is this behavior possible?

I tried to use form field validation docs, but when I use a custom type (which is an available option in the editor but not documented yet?) it does not find the Java Class I specified (unknown type error).

Is field validation the correct place to do this kind of validation? If so, how should I be using it in the above mentioned scenario?

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Hi @Pieter_Vincken,

What kind of validation do you want to achieve? A client-side or a server-side validation?



Hi @roman.smirnov ,

Server-side validation. We do client-side validation (not in Angular), but we want to double check it server-side.

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Cross ref for this: Form Server Validations: Generic Form Validator using Javascript

This will provide server side validation based on the form completion