Using template in modoler


I have 2 questions regarding using template.
1.When should I use template.In what flows or cases?
2.I saw that when template is applayed values from template are set in the extension
elements,is there any way to do the opposite :set values from extension elements in template? or is there way to set values from template dynamically by code (same way I can do for extension elements)

Hi @Lital,

Regarding your first question:

Element templates can customize the configuration of BPMN elements. If you have a collection of service task implementations or some generic implementation that has to be configured in the process modeler, you can simplify this by offering different, understandable text boxes or dropwdowns and hide the generic configurations for the modeling person.

Question 2:

I don’t know the details of the element template implementation, but I assume that this is not possible.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks so template are tool that will help me for configuration of BPMN elements in static way?
is it sound correct?