Using FEEL for another project & performance

I architect a product which makes extensive use of expressions and rules on high volumes of data.

We are rearchitecting after 10 years, and I would like to move from a bespoke expression language to use something more standard and avoid reinventing wheel - FEEL looks good and have some good feelings already wrt Camunda.

I need to investigate further, but am interested in finding or creating some micro benchmarks as performance will be a crucial criteria for us, and our current bespoke approach has been tuned a lot. Looking to see if anyone has - else will be looking to add in.

Hi @turnerjasonuk
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A while ago @Philipp_Ossler created a benchmarking tool that you can use on your rules. You can find it here on github, it was part of a blogpost he wrote. Most of which is still relevant.

Currently, there is no (micro) benchmark for the FEEL engine itself.

The existing benchmark mentioned by Niall uses the DMN engine or the Camunda BPM engine.

A contribution that adds a (micro) benchmark for the FEEL engine is very welcome :+1:

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