User Task Escalation


There is a scenario where an User Task is to be escalated Multiple Times to the immediate supervisor of Assigned User.

e.g. There is an User Task with SLA 10 Min. If assignee doesn’t completes tha task in this time it will be escalated to their Immediate supervisor and again if supervisor user doesn’t complete their task in next 20 min. this task will again be escalated to next level supervisor and it can again be esclalated further to next su.pervisor. Just mean to say multilevel escalation of User Task

What is the best way to design the BPMN to achive the same.

Thanks in Advance !


@PrashantD I would probably look at something like this

Where you escalate, and if you need to escalate further you are just using a call activity to “endlessly” create a new instance of the same escalation process definition