User Generated Forms Removes Tasklist Configuration


I was working with the modeler version 2.2.3 and with the User Task Generated Forms plugin and noticed that it removes the Task List configuration.

Below are two screenshots with and without the plugin.


Hey @StuRyan56
thanks for the feedback. This seems to be an issue with the Plugin, most probably a bug.
Would you be interested in creating a pull request?



Sorry, JavaScript is not my strength. Though I did look more into what is happening. Below are some screenshots of what happens to the UI. Below are some more screenshots. Hope that helps…


I @StuRyan56
I tested it with 2.2.4 on Mac and could not reproduce the issues you have with the positioning of the Preview Button. It might be a just a CSS issue?

I was however able to reproduce the issue with the Tasklist Configuration and will have a look into it.



Hi @StuRyan56

I fixed the Tasklist Configuration issue by updating the dependencies in the package.json and rebuilding the plugin.
You can download the latest here:

Maybe you can try to run it with the latest modeler and check if you still have the mentioned issues.



I am using Windows 10 ver 1803. I downloaded the new version of the plugin and v2.2.4 of the modeler. The startable button is there now, but the plugin doesn’t show the preview of the form.