Use of Local in Call Activity

Hi @Niall

Can you explain the use of Local in Call activity configuration. I am able to successfully use Source and All (without local) and not able to understand what difference checking/unchecking Local means.

It would be great if you can explain a business use case example that can’t be done without use of local.


Hi @Suraj_Agrawal

Check this model callActivitySample.bpmn (4.2 KB)
subProcess.bpmn (2.5 KB)

I explained this feature inside the model as an artifact, hope this helps you

In terms of a business use case.

In most scenarios you’ll want to pass global variables to the Call Activity, but it may also be the case that you want to create and pass local variables - created and only accessible in a local scope.
This is true of multi-instance Call Activities where you might need to call n processes each with different local variables.


Thanks @Niall, very helpful.

Thanks @mrdavoodi64

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