Use external Engine API for Cockpit

I’m currently using the camunda docker image to deploy the cockpit frontend.
I have an embedded engine inside of a Jetty and I want to only use this engine in the whole docker deployment. I saw that inside of the index.html in the cockpit folder some URL was being used. When I replace this the cockpit uses the right engine but not the whole application. So the login and profile and so on are using the wrong one. Is there some way I can use an external engine inside of the docker container?

Hey @LucasRott,

I’m not to familiar with docker deployments, but I can help with your frontend-related questions.

Can you give me an example of what URL is requested vs. what URL you expect? What places in the HTML did you change?

At the login the local URL is used localhost:8080/camunda/api/
I want this URL:

The code I changed in the index.html of the cockpit:
<!-- settings the base path for relative links --> <base href="$BASE" admin-api="$APP_ROOT/api/admin/" cockpit-api="$APP_ROOT/api/cockpit/" engine-api="" app-root="$APP_ROOT" />

Ah, yes. you’ll want to replace all the *-api configs in the base tag with your engine URL.

If you are using an engine without webapps installed on it probably won’t work, because the webapps add additional REST endpoints which you usually don’t need in a REST-API (such as login/logout)

Thank you for the quick reply.
Which config uses the login component? I can’t find the login component anywhere inside the deployment.