Use cockpit with custom IdentityService


Hey guys,

we’re using Camunda in a Spring Application with a custom identity service, that means we don’t use the Camunda tables for storing user information. This works very well.

Now we would like to add Cockpit and are not quite sure how to go about this regarding authentication. As far as I can see, the standalone web application provides authentication over the Camunda tables or over LDAP via a plugin.

Is there any way we can use our custom identity service in there? Maybe via custom plugin or custom restcall, but then we would have to build cockpit ourselves, right? Any other ideas?


Hi @Matthias_Dietl,

There is also the option to use Container-based Authentication . Do you think this would work for you?



Hey @nikola.koevski,

thanks, I did not know about the support for container authentication, but I do not think this would be a usable option for us. I guess the most efficient would be to really build cockpit ourselves if there’s no native way of using a custom IdentityService.


Hey @Matthias_Dietl,

You don’t have to build Cockpit yourselves, you can just implement another plugin that would work with your custom identity service. You can see how the ldap plugin integrates with the engine here.



That looks promising, I’ll give it a try.

Thank you so far!


Hi Matthias,

I wrote a custom plugin to integrate to OKTA. It was quite straight forward, the most challenging item was mapping the search functions to the native underlying platform (eg OKTA)