Upload large number of files to camunda

I have a web application that lets users create new entities (Eg: Car) and uploads lots of files, images, videos, and documents for that entity. Which is the best way to deal with this? Upload and store files in DB or use a webs service like OneDrive API to store the files and store the path to the files in H2 DB.

Hi @Jeffin_J ,

You can leverage some cloud based file storage services like Amazon S3, Box or other services to store huge file, thus avoids db related storage and performance issues.

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I was using redis caching and saved redis key as camunda variable. So it is possible to process files through rules in camunda, but data were outside of camunda

Great, What do you think is the best option? Save the file from front-end (Angular) and send the paths to camunda or send the files to camunda and then upload it from camunda (I am not using Spring boot)