Unit testing - Validating inputs on mocked delegates


I created a process with intermediate message events that are implemented with a delegate expression and that I have mocked the delegate with CamundaMockito.

This event is called in different poinst of the process but I pass a different input everytime (process state).

What I would like to test is the value of the input variable, but I don’t know how.

I tried to get value from the delegateExecution that you can get from CamundaMockito, but even if I can get the a liste of delegate executions with the same number of elements as the times that I called the delegate, the liste of variables and all the other attributes are empty.

List liste = CamundaMockito.verifyJavaDelegateMock(CamundaMockito.getJavaDelegateMock(delegate_name))

Do you know if there’s another way to do it?