Unable to see running activity instance count in camunda cockpit console

I have modelled the leave approval process diagram. I’m doing the POC of camunda Process Instance Modification. While doing I have observed that in camunda cockpit running activity instance count is not shown.

Leave Process Master BPMN:

Below is the call activity BPMN for “L1 Approval”. Consider I have an instance in “L1 Approval->Accept Leave Request”.


Using process instance modification logics, I want to move token into “L2 Approval->Reject Leave Request” below is the “L2 Approval” call activity BPMN:

L2 Approval BPMN Diagram:


Code snippet:

//To modify parent process instance

//To modify the subprocess process instance
ProcessInstance subprocess = runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery()


After executing my logic,

“step 1” I couldn’t see total no.of running activity instance count here. But if I clicked on the process instance id, I could see the running activity instance count as 1. please refer this screenshot

  1. Is this feature by design? or product defect? or something I didn’t do right?
  2. May I know how to cancel the event subscription which attached User Task(L2–> Review Leave request)


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I’m having the exact same Problem.
Have you solved it so far?