Unable to open DMN file that was working in earlier version



we have a big issue with the new camunda modeler version. We have created a dmn file and we are able to open it in camunda modeler version 1.8.2. Also this dmn file is running successful and can be used inside DMN Cloud . Now with the newer version 2.2.3 we are not able to open the file anymore. We got:

Note that we are not using any plugins. We would be really grateful if you could fix this.

The dmn file with this issue is here:
dmnBillingPosition.dmn (71.0 KB)

Thanks a lot for your help and best regards


dmnBillingPosition.dmn (60.4 KB)

Err log:
Imported DMN diagram with 1 warning [warning]

unparsable content dmn:definitions detected
line: 1
column: 0
nested error: unexpected element dmn:definitions [warning]

I have altered this tag:

<definitions xmlns="http://www.omg.org/spec/DMN/20151101/dmn.xsd" xmlns:biodi="http://bpmn.io/schema/dmn/biodi/1.0" xmlns:camunda="http://camunda.org/schema/1.0/dmn" id="definitions" name="definitions" namespace="http://camunda.org/schema/1.0/dmn">


<definitions xmlns="http://www.omg.org/spec/DMN/20151101/dmn.xsd" id="definitions" name="definitions" namespace="http://camunda.org/schema/1.0/dmn">

Now able to open DMN in modeler. You can verify the attached dmn