Ubuntu 1804 container will not persist on restart

Hey from a newbie! Sorry if this question was asked, but search didn’t give any results. So here is the issue: I’ve installed a brand new Ubuntu 1804 virtual machine and deployed Camunda in a container.

It was working great and I could follow a couple of Niall Deehan’s tutorials. However after VM reboot I could not get to Camunda. Only container re-deployment helped and it only lasted untill the next reboot.

Here is the command I used to deploy Camunda:

sudo docker run -d --name camunda -p 8080:8080 camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:latest

Any hints are appreciated. Thanks!

It’s been 5 months! Nobody runs Camunda in a Linux container?

I’m sure a lot of people do use Linux with Camunda - also if you’re using docker it probably doesn’t matter too much anyway. But I’m not sure other people are having the same problem as you.